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 Azienda Novabell Spa Impressions 2026
 Nome Monterrey
NovaBell updates its appreciated Monterrey collection of floor and wall tiles in porcelain stoneware. The new azure and black colours add a fresh appeal to Monterrey, already available in orange, moss-green and burnt brown. With its irregular borders, Monterrey recalls antique pavements and confers a warm atmosphere to the environment.
The basic formats of 30x30, 15x15 e 15x30 cm can be easily combined and integrated with decorative elements characterized by typical ornaments from Faenza.
application:         wall, floor
material:              porcelain stoneware
colours:                azure, black, orange, moss-green, burnt brown
formats:               30x30, 15x30, 15x15 cm, Faenza style ornament 15x15 cm, mosaic composition 30x30 cm, different listels
surface:                ASTM C1028: DRY ≥ 0.65 - WET ≥ 0.60,

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