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 Azienda Abk Impressions 1909
 Nome Ricordi
A house in which it is pleasant to live, cosy and reassuring rooms, furnished with love for details and full of decorative images, that evoke the Mediterranean ceramic tradition, interpreted to live in harmony with the more modern applications, like a good and healthy old time receipt that can still surprise the more refined tastes.
RICORDI is the new project of double fire wall tiles of ABK in 25x25 cm, rediscovers the charm of the handcraftsmanship, the attention to detail, the love for beautiful and concrete things. The half-shiny surface is smooth and silky and the shapes are purposely irregular and different from each other.
Designed for bathrooms and kitchens, it is suggested in three chromatic combinations in pairs of classic inspiration but modern making: Bianco + Bordeaux, Perla + Blu, Avorio + Moka, studied expressly for the matching with the floors of the Puro series.or with the floor in the traditional size 33,3x33,3 in glazed porcelain gres in all dark shades.
Six different decorative proposals, two for each chromatic combination, to create 6 different and original rooms in which from every little details reflects the personality of its inhabitants.
Manufacturing Technology: Double fire white body for wall
Use:                               Wall tiles for bathroom and kitchen – Residential
Sizes:                              wall tiles  25x25 cm, floor tiles 33,3x33,3 cm
Colours:                          Bianco+Bordeaux, Perla+Blu, Avorio+Moka

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