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The new SECRET wall tile collection from ABK captures and seduces the female soul by drawing attention to small details that are only apparently there by chance. Timeworn walls that tell stories of families from different ages, leaving a personal and contemporary trace but without entirely erasing the past.

SECRET is what is hidden beneath the surface, the appeal created by tiny imperfections that are a sign of personality. SECRET is the desire to draw the gaze, to inspire the observer to reach out and touch the nacreous surface. SECRET is a play of the senses produced in seven elegant and modern colours: Malva, Notte, Tortora, Gesso, Natural, Cappuccino and Sole.

SECRET comes in the new and original 30x75 cm size and can be installed either vertically or lengthwise. Freely coordinating with any floor covering, including existing floors, the material effect of SECRET is expressed to the full when used in conjunction with floor tiles from ABK’s DOCKS and SOLERAS collections. 
Technical Details
Product type: White body double fired tile
Colours: Gesso, Natural, Sole, Cappuccino, Tortora, Notte, Malva
Sizes: 30x75 cm
Intended Use: Residential building, interior wall tiles
Production: Made in Italy

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