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 Nome Cabane
Cabane in France, cabana in Portugal and Spain, capanno in Italy … originally these were the small fishermen’s cots, now they are a primitive and futuristic synthesis between cultural heritage and contemporary vision of living.  
Abandoned as the fishing became more and more industrialized, the Cabane, today much sought-after and left in the expert hands of the most famous architects, are renovated with all the comforts and safeties offered by modernity, leaving unchanged the worn out look of the wood.
From rustic shelters on the beach, built with the wood that was available, usually poor and light colour, repainted in every change of season, ABK has found the inspiration to make CABANE, a new wood collection of planks with a bleached wood look in glazed coloured porcelain body, available in the sizes 20x80 rectified and 13,5x80 rectified, with a particular disomogenous look of the surface.
The choice of the four colours is in line with history: from the more natural Avorio, to the more lived Corda, to a more neutral Grigio and a Bianco just repainted. The surface, with its characteristic differences in brightness, faithfully completes the aesthetics underlying the signs of time in which the passage of men has left clear traces.
All colours are also available in the version CABANE IN&OUT, specifically designed for outdoor floor and wall (R11 – A+B+C), produced in the sizes 20x80 rectified and 41,5x81 natural.
Manufacturing technology:      glazed porcelain coloured body
Use:                                    Outdoor FLOOR and WALL tile – Residential and Light Commercial
Sizes:                                  20x80 rectified, 13,5x80 rectified, 20x80 in&out rectified, 41,5x81 in&out natural for light commercial, shops and restaurants
Colours:                               Bianco,Grigio,Avorio, Corda
Special pieces:                      gradino elle, angolare gradino, skirting tiles, elemento elle In&Out

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