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Collection Fusion
Planed wood, warm and cosy meets solid stone, eternal and unbending, to create new combinations for contemporary living.

The Fusion project transforms and interprets the same setting, revealing the style of whoever inhabits it. The different combinations of materials available create our space: classic, contemporary, modern, your style becomes the integrating element of your home design. Quality, value, and originality make your home unique and interpret the desire for evolution within us.

The materials offered were produced thanks to accurate research and the reproduction of natural elements from a point of view of both design and surface. The graphic design of the wood called for 75 individual floor tile, each one produced with its own original characteristics, while the stone is based on 35 original 60x60 cm slabs. Key word: metamorphosis.

Fusion is available in 3 colours in 45x90 cm, 60x60cm, and 30x60 cm formats for the stone finish and in 22.5x90 cm, 15x90 cm, 15x60 cm, and 11x45 cm for the wood finish.
Mosaics and a vast range of decorations and special pieces complete the offering, allowing the utmost freedom of design, customising any type of room.

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