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Work, create, re-use is the spirit of the Provenza’s Re-Use project. We give a value to what we do by working with commitment, using all our creative talents to bring new ideas to life, re-using existing materials and giving them a second chance, inventing new spaces and unexpected and exciting combinations.

Re-Use proposes a creative kit of products that can be used individually or combined:

• 3 types of marble that surprise us with their elegance in creating 30 different 60x60 cm tiles that are absolutely realistic, creating a natural and perfect graphic design. The surface is silky and natural or mirror-finished.

• 3 types of reinforced concrete that explode with all their force in creating 48 blocks brimming with original details.

The surface is natural or honed. The marbles and cements were carefully selected to create a palette with mix&match colours that work perfectly together.
In Re-Use, elegance and strength come together to create originality.

Key word: creativity Re-Use is available in the natural marble version in 3 colours and in 45x90 cm, 60x60 cm, 30x60 cm formats and in the honed marble version in 3 colours in 59x59 cm, 29.4x59 cm formats.

The cement version is available in natural and honed finishes in 3 colours in 45x90 cm, 60x60 cm, and 30x60 cm formats. The range includes a wide selection of mosaics and special pieces to customise any room according to your own aesthetic and functional desires.

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