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Collection Wood Talk
Silence. Wood is telling a story. The emotion of meeting Wood Talk for the first time is like suddenly finding a surface of beautiful, natural, opaque, creaking tree trunks before you.

Tree trunks salvaged from what was once a forest, where nature decided to stop time and the life flow. The woods of these dead plants have taken on unique and exciting colours, veins, and shades, telling us their story.
In Wood Talk we find 90 different trunks, each one with its own characteristics and absolutely original.
Wood Talk is available in 4 colours (White Smoke, Beige Digue, Grey Pepper, Brown Flax) and in 2 formats (22.5x90 cm and 15x90 cm).

The collection is completed by Modular, a composition of 9 formats that highlights the different graphics of the ceramic surfaces. The range includes a wide selection of mosaics and special pieces to customise any room according to your own aesthetic and functional desires.

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