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Iris Ceramica
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 Nome Dinastia
Iris Ceramica captures the latest trends in interior decoration with DINASTIA, in which the patterns of precious onyx in an Old British style reinterpret the spirit of another era in a contemporary light.
The slabs from the DINASTIA collection are available in 75x25 and 45.7x45.7 cm formats and in three clear, bright colours: perla, avorio and agata. There is a choice of eight modular decorations to create a dreamlike atmosphere to meet each person's individual taste with tailor-made wall coverings.
Ricamo: a fine lace covers the entire wall with an interweaving pattern characterised by a relief crystal effect. Illusione: the tenuous play of floral transparencies is ideal for large surfaces. Romantico and Madama: designed for infinite laying solutions, this decor has a strong chromatic impact and can be taken apart and recomposed, giving new life to the timeless floral theme that enlivens the bathroom with surprising details. Coloniale: a sober decor which presents the charm of a bygone elegance in a contemporary light. Gessato: the classic line motif is enhanced by semi-transparencies in relief and is combined with stylised natural motifs.
Classico: elegant symmetries connect to create a motif with a strong scenic impact. Moderno: a geometrical labyrinth that develops on walls in semi-transparency, animating the space with an eclectic style between modernity and classicism.

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