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Colour and material are the principal design cues behind DOCKS, the new ABK coloured body porcelain tile collection that stands out for its soft touch and original texture.
A contemporary collection inspired by modern architectural concrete, DOCKS is ideal for use on floors or walls, lending form and personality to interiors.
Available in a range of six complementary and versatile neutral colours (White, Silver, Grey, Black, Bone and Warm), the tiles take on unique qualities according to the various finishes available.

The natural surface absorbs light and has a soft touch while maintaining non-slip properties, and is also available in the Form finish inspired by the characteristic markings left by concrete formwork. The patinaed surface creates a more intense visual effect, reflecting light and assuming an attractive timeworn appearance.

DOCKS is created from large 80x80 cm and 60x60 cm formats which are cut into various submultiples and complemented by a wide range of accents and trim pieces. The breadth and originality of the decorative proposals are trademark features of the ABK collections, which once again succeed in customising floors and walls while remaining faithful to the dynamic and sophisticated spirit that pervades the entire collection.

Technical Details
Product type: coloured body porcelain tile
Intended use: interior and exterior floors and walls – Residential and light commercial
Sizes: 80x80 cm, 40x80 cm, 20x80 cm, 60x60 cm, 30x60 cm, 15x60 cm, 30x60 cm Mix Sizes, 30x30 cm Mosaic
Colours: White, Silver, Grey, Black, Bone and Warm
Floor accents: Combi (composition of sixteen 30x30 cm tiles), Carpet royal
Wall accents: Combi, Vintage, Murales, Opera, Splash, Brick
Trim pieces: skirting, bullnose step, corner bullnose step
Production: Made in Italy 

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