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Subtle aesthetic synergies between the world of ceramics and the world of wallpaper give life to the new Fly collection by Fap Ceramiche.

Fly is a collection of white body wall tiles which interplay with extremely cheerful, lively and explosive colours and décor, strongly evocative, offered in the exclusive 25x75 cm size with glossy finish. This is an absolute novelty for Fap Ceramiche; a larger size compared to traditional versions with an elongated, elegant shape, which enhances the non-rectified range. Fap are introducing this product onto the market at a very competitive price, characterised by an excellent quality/price ratio, allowing you to create the bathroom of your dreams.

A charming reworking of the wallpaper theme – which embellishes walls by interpreting new ideas and trends – it is designed to be used and customised in bathrooms, but also kitchens, living rooms and contracted creations.
Fly is a sparklingly contemporaneous concept which enhances the versatility of ceramics. Here, tradition and innovation interweave in a new project featuring timeless elegance in the colour tones Latte, Acqua, Anice, Ciliegia, Confetto, Pepe and Vaniglia, stars also of the décor, which characterises the room with personality and magic.
The Gocce décor are small iridescent diamonds which run vertically up the wall, as if to create an extremely bright light rainfall; Eleganza, for those who adore the classic, is the décor which interprets the passion for the damask; while in Righe the discreet charm of a classic element like wooden panelling is brought alive once more. A myriad of boules crowds the structured listel Perle; a combination of coloured stripes, on the other hand, characterises the Colori décor. All-over flowers for the Giardino and Fiori: the first tells of “pop” flowers which form a weave, while the second opts for very delicate watercolour floral arrangements.

You can also finish off your rooms with co-ordinated porcelain stoneware flooring, the various special trims and the line of co-ordinated grouts TonoSuTono. It is also possible to combine, in bathrooms created with this new series, the Fap+ ceramics accessories.

The Fly collection, like all other proposals by Fap Ceramiche, offers extremely high quality, meticulous attention to detail and excellent performance in terms of resistance and functionality. The Company is thereby strengthening its collaborative links with designers and interior decorators, constantly searching for innovative and customised design solutions.

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