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legni di Rondine
An intensely natural atmosphere for a very personal, inviting home. The beauty of wood, combined with practical, hard wearing porcelain stoneware, is the distinctive feature of the new LEGNI DI RONDINE collection, created using the finest, fully pressed ceramic technology, in an innovative 15x91 size.
The modern-look parquet pattern floor helps to create a warm, homely atmosphere, whatever the furnishing style, whether modern or traditional with a country air.
There are 3 series in the collection: NATURALIA and MITHOS enhance classic architectural styles in harmony with tradition, and METALWOOD, which offers a more contemporary conception of wood, mixing it with an elegant stone effect ideal for urban settings.
The whole collection offers 9 colour options, plus 4 with a textured surface designed for outdoor use, allowing you to choose just the right colour scheme for all kinds of furnishing styles.

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