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 Nome Miniera
Inspired by tufa, a noble stone of volcanic origin widely used in ancient times, Rondine’s Miniera collection combines sophisticated beauty with the warmth of a stone that boasts a huge variety of applications, able to blend in with both modern design and more traditional looks and to create an intensely inviting atmosphere.
The material surface, with its rich variety of tones and nuances, has been skilfully crafted using digital technology applied to ceramics, allowing for the creation of a product able to express all the beauty of magmatic rock, combined with all the practical, hard wearing qualities only the finest porcelain stoneware can offer.
Miniera, ideal for tiling floors in both residential and public settings, comes in three colours (Oro, Rosso and Bianco) and three sizes: 36x36 – 18x36 – 18x18.

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