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 Nome Rapolano cavo
Rapolano cavo
This is very much a classical marble, typical of Roman thermal bath complexes, where the erosion caused by the water created an attractive aged look, with irregular holes.
The new feature Coem adds is technology: the porosity of the surface is reproduced, creating a perfectly natural effect and giving the material a pure, unmistakable identity.
For those looking to combine a natural look with the practical advantages of easy-to-clean porcelain stoneware, there’s the RAPOLANO 3D version, where the irregular holes are merely a decorative effect.
Colours: WALNUT, SILVER AND VANILLA. Finishes: Natural, Natural/Rectified, Half-polished, Half-polished/Rectified. Sizes: 45x90, 30x60 (for both types, CAVO and 3D), 60x60, 45x45, 30x30, 15x15 (3D only).
Mosaics and special trims available. 

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