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Taverna di Bacco
Particularly suitable for renovation projects, the Taverna di Bacco collection combines the warmth of traditional terracotta tiles and the beauty of ancient decorations. The new project comes in three colours, inspired by the shades of wines: Rubino, Granata and Paglierino. The distinctive feature of the Taverna di Bacco series lies in its splendid soft-touch surfaces, and the tiles are created using a mixture of traditional and digital technologies. The aim of this series is to create an intensely alluring atmosphere in the home, but it can also be used in shops and offices.
There are two sizes designed for use on floors (30.4x30.4 and 15x30.4), while for kitchen and bathroom walls, Taverna di Bacco offers the bianco antico version in the 15x15 size, with coordinated decorations for both floors and walls.

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