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EcoDream is the collection of floor tiles in porcelain stoneware applying advanced HD digital technologies in order to bring the warm and homely mood of wood in every environment.
Thanks to the enormous range of tones and nuances of each tile, EcoDream has an extremely natural and vivid look. Its colours are realistic, its haptic quality is fascinating. Available in the colours of sessile oak, ash, honey, chestnut and oak, the collection offers different formats and decorative elements in order to create ecologic and natural kitchens and bathroom, living and sleeping environments, featuring the superior performance of porcelain stoneware.
The name EcoDream indicates the collection’s stylistic approach and the fact that it is part of the “NovaBell ecosystem”sustainable development, intended as the protection of the environment, health and safety., combining all porcelain stoneware collections based on a
application:         floor
material:              porcelain stoneware
colours:                rovere grigio (grey sessile oak), frassino (ash), miele (honey), castagno (chestnut), quercia (oak)             
formats:               15x90, 22,5x90 cm, brick composition 30x45, flower decoration 15x90, watercolour flower decoration 15x90, hexagon decoration 15x90
surface:                ASTM C1028: DRY ≥ 0.65 - WET ≥ 0.60

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