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The lefka collection
The Lefka collection embodies all the excellence of Cerdomus in the application of digital technology. Technical quality and aesthetic impact make the Lefka collection a high-performance tile with all the flexibility that designers require.
The infinite decorative possibilities offered by digital technology mean the Lefka collection can be put to all kinds of uses with equally impressive effect, thanks to a wide range of nuances, formats and laying solutions.
Lefka offers designers total aesthetic freedom for prestigious wall and floor applications thanks to its range of special pieces and "scenographic" elements: an attractive 20x60 strip with 3D fluting (Suite trim), Optical mosaics and Multilevel bands with tiles of different thickness and format, or Costa Retta, a step piece with 90º angle and 5x5 copper and silver insets which are particularly attractive in decorative applications. Available in rectified format, the Lefka collection also has exceptional anti-slip properties.
Colours: White/Grey/Sand/Walnut/Gold
Formats: 5x60 - 10x60 - 20x60 - 30x60 - 40x60 – 60x60
Decors: optical mosaic (30x60) – multi-mix mosaic (30x30) – ice mosaic (30x30) – cream mosaic (30x30) – multilevel mosaic (30x60) – suite trim (20x60) – multilevel band (30x60) – copper/silver inset – copper strip (5x60) – silver strip (5x60) – metal rod (silver finish) – metal rod (smoke finish) – metal rod (titanium finish)
Special pieces:– skirt strip – beak – quarter round - cove base internal and external - chair and corner rail – straight edge step – L piece – plain step
Technical characteristics
The tiles in the Lefka collection are classed in the Bla UGL group in conformity with standard UNI EN 14411, and meet all the technical specifications required by standard UNI EN 14411 App. G:
they are made of a single, even and compact mass, obtained by the cold pressing of the dry atomised paste derived from a mixture of kaolinite, feldspar and inert minerals with a very low iron content.
Cerindustries products meet many of the specifications required for LEED certification. All vitrified stoneware products contain recycled materials (pre-consumer) in a proportion over 20%. They do not emit toxic substances, and are produced in factories certified by an environmental management standard.

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