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 Nome Space FREE wash basin 70x41
Space FREE wash basin 70x41
Space FREE wash basin 90 x50 in the wall hung version is the leading product of Ceramica Globo's novelty, a product which does not follow a fashion concept.
This environment allowed the designer, Antonio Pascale,  to design sanitary ware and wash basin  with strong character, impeccable in their rigorous and full shapes.  Projects of important originality  and discreet elegance  which outline ceramic surface. 
Space Free  give a new vision of the bathroom, innovative and personal at the same time. It has a simple shape, showing, as a peculiarity, the way water flows out of the bathtub. There is no more the classic chrome outlet, but it is a hole in the side of the washbasin or bidet.
-   Wash basin in the wall hung verion, measure 70 x 41 
Space FREE 70x41 wash basin wall mounted version joins the exisitng on-top model, widening the range in the catalogue.
It is an extremely versatile wash basin: it can be combined with a chrome towel bar (picture in file print), with a crome brass and satin glass structure.

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