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 News 22/09/2011
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Nauha by Teuco: the pureness of contemporary shapes embraces flowing water

It explores the properties of ceramic and enhances its sensory and perceptive qualities: Nauha is the new collection of bathtubs, wash basins, shower trays and sanitary fixtures by Teuco designed by angeletti ruzza and unveiled at the 2011 Cersaie.
The simplicity of the pure shapes and the proportions of the volumes find the utmost freedom of expression in this collection. Nauha, which in Finnish means ribbon, is a name that anticipates the distinguishing trait of this new collection. Featuring a strong and balanced identity, this trait strikes the eye and stimulates our memory... it recalls the soft bed of a river, the flowing of a ribbon as it moves freely through space... a soft and sinuous movement, inspired by the harmony of natural shapes, which gives rise to all the elements that make up the collection, enriched with sensuality and expressive force.
Nauha invites you to touch and stroke its dense and balanced shapes and suggests a welcoming, relaxing bathroom, where you can look after your body and tune in with yourself while being pampered with experiences of total well-being.
The collection is produced using the best Italian ceramic, testifying to the top quality production, which is 100% Made in Italy.
The wash basins, available in the wall-mounted version, stand out for the clean-cut design and perfect geometric proportions.
The shower tray, available in the semi-inset and inset versions, features the collection's signature trait in the internal profiles, making for a highly beguiling product.
The sanitary fixtures, available in both the wall-mounted and back-to-wall versions, stand out for the volumes and geometries which recall the collection's typical dynamism.
The acrylic bathtub, with painstaking care for every detail, emphasises the appeal and tactile benefits of the material in an harmonious and balanced dialogue between design and functionality.
Nauha can be teamed with the new InsideOut furniture line and with the new Skidoo tap collection, both unveiled at the 2011 Cersaie.
Nauha by Teuco: material and emotions, perfectly balanced.
Nauha by Teuco: the pureness of contemporary shapes embraces flowing water
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