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 Nome Oasi bathtub
Oasi bathtub
Synthesis of wellbeing, comfort ad luxury, mini-swimmingpool Spa line proposes two products of excellence, Oasi and MiniOasi, available in the versions: inset, semi-inset and over-exposed. The two  mini -swimmingpools are equipped with two different hydrotherapeutic jets which massage very sensitive parts of the body. 
The technology applied in this particular hydromassage system can relax and strech  muscles, lower nerves' pressure and stimulate circulation, helping for tissues' renewal. The aromatherapy, spread by perimetrical diffusers and the musicotherapy, amplified by a high definition magnifying system, make these products as the most demanded within thir category. With the mini-swimmingpools is also available the chromotherapy, a very old custom, which uses colours to help body and pshyche in finding their natural balance. 
It consists in using the energy deriving from light's electromagnetic waves, that, within a certain weave lenght, gets in th tissues and makes cells interacting among them, improving biological functions. Shiatsu massage is the jewel of these peoducts, realesed by the lateral mattress, which operates on the backbone, on the gluteus. 

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